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ION7700 Latest Meter Template and Firmware Files

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Firmware Upgrade

The most recent Standard Template - ION7700 V210 and Firmware V220 can be found below.

You can install meter templates and firmware using ION Setup and ION Enterprise. See the "Upgrading ION Device Firmware" technical note for complete details.

The ION7700 consists of three distinct components; the meter, the Xpress card, and the MGT. Each component has its own firmware that must be upgraded.

Note: If the Firmware is older than V135 the card must be upgraded through com 2. The ION7700 must be upgraded in the following order:

  1. Xpress card
  2. Meter
  3. MGT 
If you upgrade in the wrong order, some modules will not restore properly.
Firmware V220 Features:
  • Enhanced Arithmetic Module capability
  • More robust Ethernet stack
  • Improved interface with the MGT module
The contains the following:
Component Firmware Version
Xpress Card V2164_XP
ION7700 V220
MGT V2011

Installing Templates with ION Setup:
  1. Download the device template and save it to your ION Setup TEMPLATE folder (select the file below that matches your meter's feature set).

Use these .DCF files with ION Setup to perform firmware upgrades. These are default meter templates only. If you have custom programming in your meter, create your own template file before performing the firmware upgrade.

  1. Follow the upgrade procedures outlined in the Upgrading ION Device Firmware technical note.
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