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ION7500/7600 Legacy Firmware Feature Lists (Public Release Notes) for V231, V236, and V251

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Firmware version 251 (V251) for the ION 7500 / 7600 meter supports the following new features:

  • Enhanced DNP functionality.
  • New pre-configured Modbus Slave modules.
  • Improved ethernet functionality.
  • Rapid Meter Programming support.
  • Updated Availability framework.
  • Web server access now controlled via front panel.
  • New kVA tot Method register in Power Meter module that allows choice of kVA calculation method.
  • Network Setup page for WebMeter-enabled meters.
  • Update Rate register support in Sliding Window Demand module.
  • New input register in Integrator module counts by steps (every interval), allowing for accurate validation in MV90.
  • New setup register in Harmonics Measurement module allows choice of Engineering Units (Volts, Amps) or a Percentage (%) of the Fundamental Frequency for outputs.
  • New Test Mode screen indicates when meter is in test mode.
  • Leading zeros on front panel indicate the display is functioning properly.

Enhanced DNP Functionality

A new DNP stack has been implemented. See the latest version of the "ION 7500 / ION 7600 DNP V3.00 Device Profile" document for more details.

7500/7600 Meters with V251 now support:

  • Multiport DNP (maximum 3 simultaneous connections)
  • DNP over Ethernet
See the technical note "Multiport DNP and ION Technology" for more information.

For more information on configuring this new functionality, see the DNP Slave Options module description in the latest version of the ION Reference.

New Pre-configured Modbus Slave Modules

Five new Modbus Slave modules have been added to the default meter framework.

  • Amp/Freq/Unbal
  • Volts
  • kW/kVAR/kVA
  • kWh/kVARh
  • PF/THD/Kfactor
For more information, see the "ION 7500 / ION 7600 / ION 8000 series Modbus Register Map" document.

Improved Ethernet Functionality

A new TCP/IP stack has been implemented.

7500/7600 Meters with V251 now support:

  • DNS (Domain Name Service) resolution. This allows users to enter a fully qualified domain name (e.g., rather than an IP address (e.g., 115.221.335.102) for the meters associated NTP (network time synchronization) or SMTP (email) server.
  • NTP (Network time protocol) time synchronization. This allows the meter to acquire time stamps from an internet server.
See the technical note "TCP/IP Network Connectivity" for more information.

For more information on configuring this new functionality, see the Ethernet Communications and Clock module descriptions in the latest version of the ION Reference document.

New Features in V236 firmware:

  • Fixed locked module list.
New Features in V231 firmware:
  • Introduction of a new Web Page module allows a user to define custom web pages that can display parameters that the user is able to choose, in both HTML and XML formats.
  • The Log Mail module has been replaced by the Log Export module, which is able to send data logs as XML attachments to e-mail messages.
  • Support for Symmetrical Components module in 3-Wire Wye and Delta modes.
  • Enhanced Ethernet communications.
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