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ION8500 Firmware for V281, V265, V262 and V244


When upgrading your meter's firmware please download the latest firmware version (.upg file) and the equivalent Meter Template (.dcf file).

You can upgrade meter firmware using ION Setup or ION Enterprise. See the "Upgrading ION Device Firmware" technical notefor complete details.

Important Device Update (Jan 2008)

To discover whether your meter is a revision A or revision B meter, check the faceplate on the meter.

Revision B (RevB) meters will have a "RevB" written on the right hand side of the label, above the serial number. RevA meters will not have this mark on the label.

To upgrade a RevB device, users must use the latest ION Setup.


Firmware for Revison A meters

Firmware (.UPG file) text text RMICAN Approved
Low Current
(Class 2)
(Class 20)
(Class 2-20)
8500V2628500V262_8000_FAC_V1.1.0.exe RMICAN Approved
V244 9S-39S8500_9S_39S_1A.exe

V244 35S8500_35S_1A.exe

V244 36S-76S8500_36S_76S_1A.exe

V244 9S-39S8500_9S_39S_5A.exe

V244 35S8500_35S_5A.exe

V244 36S-76S8500_36S_76S_5A.exe

V244 9S-39S8500_9S_39S_ECR.exe

V244 35S8500_35S_ECR.exe

V244 36S-76S8500_36S_76S_ECR.exe


Firmware for Revison B meters



Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL205224 V1.0, Originally authored by DaMi on 04/30/2011, Last Edited by DaMi on 04/30/2011
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