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ION Enterprise V5.5 Service Pack 1

ION Enterprise Service Packs are free downloaded files that you apply to your ION Enterprise system to get additional features, improve reliability and remedy known issues. Please check your version of ION Enterprise system and ensure that you select the correct Service Pack for your version.

ION Enterprise Service Packs must be applied to all ION server and ION client computers in your ION Enterprise system (i.e. computers that have ION Enterprise files installed on them).

NOTE: This does NOT include Web Client computers that have no ION Enterprise files installed on them.

You must install ION Enterprise Service Packs in the following order:

1. SQL Server Database Server hosting the ION databases*
2. The ION Enterprise Primary Server
3. Secondary Server(s)**
4. All ION Enterprise Client computers (with Management Console, Vista, Designer installed)

* This is only applicable for ION Enterprise systems that have the ION databases installed on a separate SQL Server DB Server (i.e. Distributed Database Server installations). For ION Enterprise systems that have SQL Server database engine installed on the ION Enterprise Primary Server, go to Step 2.

** Most systems will not have Secondary Servers. Only very large or geographically distributed systems may have Secondary Servers.

Features -ION Enterprise 5.5 Service Pack 1 .pdf

Service Pack 1 for ION Enterprise 5.5 is now available. This service pack includes a maintenance fix to the ION Enterprise installer program, as well as application updates and feature enhancements as listed on the Service Pack Features. Due to the size of this service pack, it is only available on CD.

We are pleased to offer the Service Pack 1 CD at no charge to current ION Enterprise 5.5 customers. You may provide your own shipping/courier account in order to receive expedited shipping.

NOTE: If you have an active Premium Support or Software Assurance agreement, we are already processing a shipment on your behalf.

To order your copy of this CD, please contact your regional Schneider Electric sales representatives.

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