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What is the default meter password for PowerLogic E5600?

By default, the meter password should be disabled from the factory. However on occasion the meter might ship from the factory with the meter password enabled.
When trying to connect with ION Setup through the front optical port for the first time the following screen may appear after upload:

To configure the meter, level 5 access is needed. The default password is:


Hint: Press the '5' key until the password box is filled

If the meter does not accept this password, then meter password has already been modified by the user. If that password is unknown, the meter will need to be sent in for repair to reset the password.

In another case, the meter password may not have been modified at all but it still does not accept all 5s as password and continues to go back to the meter is protected screen. In such a case:

a) Make sure the latest version of ION setup is being used. Getting the latest build for 3.0 is recommended.

b) Disable DTR. To do this connect to the meter is single device mode.

Click on settings, then go under timings tab and set DTR to disabled.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL204742 V2.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 03/05/2011, Last Edited by DaDu on 01/27/2014
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