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Does the PM8ECC support SNMP V2 Traps?

A PM8 with an ECC module is able to send SNMP V2 Traps. Both Generic and Enterprise specific traps are supported. Generic Traps supported are defined within the private MIB SchneiderPm8eccV01_00.mib(for use with PM8ECC V2.300 and greater firmware) and include:
coldStart (0): The PM8ECC (containing the Agent) is reinitializing.
warmStart (1): The PM8 (which supplies Enterprise data to the agent) has reinitialized while the ECC continues to run.
linkup (3): The Agent interface has been Enabled.
authenticationFailure (4): An SNMP manager has sent an incorrect community string.

Enterprise Specific Traps include:

Priority 1 Alarm (1): The PM8 has detected an alarm with a configured priority of 1(HIGH).
Priority 2 Alarm (2): The PM8 has detected an alarm with a configured priority of 1(MEDIUM).
Priority 3 Alarm (3): The PM8 has detected an alarm with a configured priority of 1(LOW).

Every alarm enabled in the PM8 has a configured priority of 0-3, where 0=None and 3=High. If SNMP Traps are enabled in the PM8 a trap will be sent on the occurrence of an alarm with the associated priority. Within the trap details about the alarm are passed within the following trap variables:

Date/Time: Date and time the meter detected the alarm
Alarm Label: The name of the alarm as configured in the PM8
Alarm Priority: Priority of the detected alarm
Alarm State: The state causing the alarm as detected by the PM8. Supported States include:
Pickup Monitored quantity changing from a normal to alarm value
Dropout - Monitored quantity changing from a alarm to normal value
Diag - Diagnostic
Alarm Value: The value of the monitored quantity when the alarm state changed as measured by the PM8

The latest MIB template is available for download on

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203823 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 10/30/2010, Last Edited by MaTh on 10/30/2010
Related ranges: PM800 series
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