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Creating a CID file for an ION7550 or ION7650 meter using CET850 software


A CID file needs to be downloaded to ION 7650/7550 meter to make it available on the IEC 61850 network. This article explains how to create a .cid file using an existing .icd file. The .icd files are available and can be downloaded from external Powerlogic website.

Product Line

IED: Intelligent Electronic Device, a device with a microprocessor controller.

ICD: IED Capability Description, which is supplied by the vendor of the IED.

CID: Configured IED Description, which is an ICD that has been configured for a specific IED using IEC 61850 configuration software.

SCL: Substation Configuration Languages, such as ICD or CID.

SCD: Substation Configuration Description. An SCD file contains configuration data for the IEC 61850 system and the communication configuration settings for all related IEC 61850 devices.


CET850 Version 2.1.0


1. File > New to open a new SCL file

2. Add > IED

The mandatory fields are:

- ICD / CID File
- Name
- Subnet

After accepting the changes, this should be seen:

3. File > Save and save with .scd extension

4. File > Build a CID File to create .cid file
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Related ranges: ION7550/ION7650
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