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Active Pager Module (APM) and Sequence of Events Recorder (SER) Webpage Does Not Load; Internet Explorer Error “Server Error in ‘/’ Application. The resource cannot be found.”

Goals and Symptoms

When the user tries to access the PowerLogic eSolutions Web Site (usually from a remote workstation), the page does not load. Instead, the user sees the following error.
Server Error in '/' Application.

The resource cannot be found.

Requested Url: /PLDefaultWeb/Default.aspx

Causes and Fixes

This issue is NOT related to Internet Explorer security settings or the Windows account used to log in to the web page.

Instead, this issue is caused by an attempt to access the PowerLogic eSolutions page on an invalid TCP port. In Internet Information Services (IIS) Version 6.0 (Windows Server 2003) and later, multiple web sites can be hosted on one server. Because the PowerLogic SMS Web Client uses different IIS settings than the PowerLogic eSolutions software suite (APM, SER), these software packages may be installed on separate web sites. A caveat to hosting multiple web sites on one server is that no two sites can answer on the same IP/port combination. In this case, the SMS Web Client and eSolutions web page exist on different ports.

To determine the port that the eSolutions web site answers on, open IIS by going to Start > Run, typing inetmgr and clicking OK. Right-click the PLeSolutionsWeb site and open Properties. On the Web Site tab, note the TCP Port that is configured. This port number will be appended to the web address used to open the PowerLogic eSolutions page.

For example, in the above screen capture, Port 81 has been configured for the PLeSolutionsWeb site. In this case, the address used to access the page should be:
http://###.###.###.###:81/PLDefaultWeb/Default.aspx (where ###.###.###.### is the IP address of the server)

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203617 V1.0, Originally authored by AnVa on 10/01/2010, Last Edited by AnVa on 10/01/2010
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