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"The Event Log File is Full" message during the Active Pager Module (APM) 6.x install on Windows XP

Goals and Symptoms

During the Active Pager Module (APM) 6.2 install, a dialog box pops up that says "The event log file is full".

After clicking OK, another popup appears that says, "Error 1001. The event log file is full".

After clicking OK on this window, the APM install rolls back and prompts the user to "restart the installer to try again".

Note: While this error was reported during an installation of APM, it could occur during a different software installation or while running a different application.

Causes and Fixes


Windows XP does not automatically overwrite events less than 7 days old in the event log, so when it is full, most installs or applications that try and write to the event log will not be able function properly.


By changing the event logs to overwrite old events regardless of the date or by increasing the size that the log is allowed to grow to will correct this issue. Note: If the event log is so large within 7 days that this error is occurring, there is likely something wrong on the system. The event log should be inspected to understand what is causing all of the entries (errors).

Note in the screen capture below that the size of the Application, System and PowerLogic logs are 512 KB, the default maximum log file size. No further events can be added at this point.

Increasing Event Log Size or Configuring Overwrite:
1. Open up the Windows Event Viewer by going to Start > Run and enteringeventvwr. Alternatively, Event Viewer can be accessed in the Administrative Tools section of the Control Panel.
2. Right-click on the specific log file to be modified and choose Properties.
3. Note the Default Settings and then modify as needed. In the example changes shown below, the "maximum log size" has been increased to 2048 KB and "overwrite events as needed" has been selected.

4. After applying changes to each relevant Event Viewer log, re-launch the install or application which was failing.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203489 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 09/22/2010, Last Edited by MaTh on 09/22/2010
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