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How to map Mwh values to DNP slave export modules using ION Setup

Goals and Symptoms

On a meter without a Megawatt option, it is possible to link a Mwh value/register to DNP slave export module (or any other module needed) utilizing an arithmetic module and a periodic timer module.

Causes and Fixes

Log in to ION Setup.

Save the template you currently have with the kWh settings somewhere on your system

Exit the setup assistant (indicate that you don't want to connect to another meter)

While holding the CTRL key, click on the device on your device (on the left hand side of the screen) > all the modules in the advanced mode should appear

Select the Arithmetic Modules > Right click on the right hand side, and Insert a new module

Double click on the module (should have an X going across it) and get into the setup screen (click OK when the warning shows up)

Insert a new source to Source 1 by double clicking on the "Source 1:" (kWh > this can be found in Integrator module)

Insert the "Period Timer" (or you could create your own timer) to the "CalcNow" section (the Period timer is a 1 second timer)

Click on the "Setup Registers tab" > Insert the "S1/1000" formula into the ART# Formula 1

Click on the "Output Registers tab" > Edit the "ART#Result 1" to Mwh


Right click on the Arithmetic Module # and Rename it to "Mwh Scaling"


Select the DNP Slave Export Modules > Right Click and Insert a new module

Double Click on the new module > Edit the Source 1 > Select Arithmetic Modules > Mwh Scaling > Mwh

You may then modify your Setup Registers as deemed fit.

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Related ranges: ION8600, ION7550/ION7650, ION7300
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