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Can SMSOPC (Matrikon OPC) be run as a service?

Note: In version of Matrikon OPC for System Manager Software, the default install option is to run the program as a service.
Yes, to run SMSOPC as a service, follow these steps:

1. In a windows command prompt, browse to C:\Program Files\Matrikon\OPC\System Manager (TM)\
2. Type: "opcsms.exe -unregister"and press enter
3. Type: "opcsms.exe -regserver" and press enter
4. Type: "opcsms.exe -service" and press enter
5. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
6. Right-click on "Matrikon OPC Server for System Manager (TM)" and choose properties
7. Set the service to start automatically and start the service

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