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How to determine the IP address of an EGX/ECC gateway

Determining the IP address of an ECC or EGX Gateway if the IP address has been forgotten. 

Product Line
EGX100/300, EGX200/400, ECC21, PM8ECC

Powerlogic Ethernet Gateways and Communications Cards.

In some cases the IP address of an EGX may be set, but not documented. If this happens, the IP address may be forgotten and it will be necessary to reset the IP address to again communicate to the device. 


Method 1 - RS232 communications with Hyper Terminal
The preferred method is connecting to the EGX/ECC's RS232 port using Hyper Terminal. Step-by-step instructions can be found in the Installation Manual for each gateway model.

Method 2 - Network Protocol Analyzer (EGX100/300 and PM8ECC only)

Use a network protocol analyzer (packet sniffer) to read Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packets being sent from the ECC/EGX

Note: This example uses Wireshark v1.2.1 from Wireshark is a free piece of software licensed under the GNU General Public License. Any other network protocol analyzer should yield the same results.

1. Connect an ethernet crossover cable directly from a PC to the EGX/ECC
2. Configure your PC's network connection to "automatically obtain IP address"

3. Launch Wireshark and click on the first button on the tool bar "List the available capture interfaces..."

4. Click the Start button next to the appropriate interface of your network card (this will vary depending on the manufacture of your PC)
5. Wireshark will now start listing/capturing every packet it sees on the network
6. While Wireshark is capturing the packets, power cycle the EGX/ECC
7. When the EGX/ECC boots, it will issue an Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packet across the network. Wireshark will capture the ARP calls and display them in the list

8. Click the " Stop the running live capture " button after sufficient time has passed for the EGX/ECC to fully boot

9. Look under the "Protocol" column for packets that show ARP . If you are connected directly with a crossover cable, there should only be two devices giving ARP calls, your PC and the EGX/ECC. The EGX/ECC's "Source" will start with " SquareD_ "

10. Under the "Info" column, the EGX/ECC will show " Who has ". This is the IP address of the EGX/ECC

  • If existing IP address has been lost, it is possible that a website login has also been lost.
  • When directly connecting to the device, record the MAC address because it can be used to reset the default password on the device.

EGX100, EGX200, EGX300, EGX400, ECC21, PM8ECC

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL199842 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 09/02/2009, Last Edited by Aa Ha on 09/30/2014
Related ranges: PM8ECC, EGX400, EGX300, EGX200, EGX100, ECC21
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