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Notice: PowerMeasurement 3xxx ACM and 7700 MGT devices will no longer be accepted by the RMA department for repair unless still covered by warranty

Text from a letter sent out to all 3xxx and 7700 customers dated 17 April 2008:

This notice is to advise that effective immediately we will no longer be supporting the non-warranty repair, recalibration or retrofit of several of our older meter models through the RMA process. These are all models that were officially made obsolete in 2006, for which we are no longer able to obtain numerous parts that are essential for common repairs. The list of affected models is as follows:

7700 MGT

Our hope is that any such meters you currently have in service will continue to meet your needs well into the future, but encourage you to be prepared for any unplanned complications as these meters age, as we will no longer be able to offer the repair services we have in the past. In the event of such a problem with one of these units that cannot be resolved by our technical support group, your sales representative will be able to recommend the best upgrade option to suit your application.

More Information:

The last 3710 and 3720 devices were produced in the Victoria manufacturing facility in August 2007 and the warranty period is normally 3 years.

Date Created: 21 April 2008

Applies To: All Power Measurement 3xxx ACM meters and the 7700 MGT

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Related ranges: ION7700, 3800 ACM, 3750 ACM, 3720 ACM, 3710 ACM, 3700 ACM, 3600 ACM, 3350 PDM, 3300 ACM
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