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What is the RMICAN approved Voltage range for metering devices?

A customer may want to know the approved voltage range for RMICAN metering

Product Line
ION6200 Meters
ION7300 Series Meters
ION7500 Series Meters
ION7600 Series Meters
ION7700 Meters
ION8300 Meters
ION8400 Meters
ION8500 Meters
ION8600 Series Meters

Metering & Power Monitoring

a user may want specific voltage range information with regard to RMICAN availability and acceptability

The RMICAN certification is given for a range from 69V-480V. If one wants certification at a different nominal voltage, a new certification for the given nominal voltage has to be issued. The local Measurement Canada Rep should be where to apply since regulations might differ from one location to another.

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