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Pegasys error message: "Duplicate serial number found"

Goals and Symptoms

Customer has Pegasys 2.1 and gets the following error message when trying to open VIP: Duplicate serial Number found.

Error reads

  • VIP start up
    Duplicate serial number found

The system was working fine until a power outage occurred, which unexpectedly shut down the server.  (There was no UPS on this server.)  After the power was restored and the system rebooted, customer started getting this error.

Facts and Changes

VIP start up startup
Duplicate serial number
Corrupt config cfg

Causes and Fixes

The reason for this particular error message is that the VIP config files have been corrupted.


The customer should restore the VIP config from known good backup files. Copy the good backup vip.cfg file into the cfg\vip\VIP.<machine name> folder (replacing the bad file), and delete the corrupt vip.bak.

More Information

This message can also appear in Pegasys 2.0.

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