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Devices that can be viewed in the PowerLogic Meter Configuration Utility Software (PMCU)?

Viewable devices in PMCU

Product Line
Powerlogic Meters, PMCU

Configuring and viewing data for Powerlogic devices

Using PMCU to connect to thrid party devices

Third party devices are not supported in the PMCU software.

PMCU supports the following:

Standard devices

  • PM500
  • PM700
  • PM800
  • PM9C
  • CM3000
  • CM4000

Optional device types found in the POWERLOGIC\PMCU\OptionalInstalls folder of the PMCU software.

  • PM600
  • CM2000

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL187411 V2.0
Related ranges: PowerLogic Meter Configuration Utility (PMCU)
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