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Error While Installing Pegasys: ERROR (-1) Writing ncmodify script

Goals and Symptoms


This article provides some background information about the ncmodify script and workarounds to correct the Writing NCModify script error.


A PEGASYS installation stops with the error message "ERROR (-1) Writing ncmodify script".


Facts and Changes



NCModify script

Causes and Fixes


Possible causes:

    • The primary machine is not running.
    • The secondary machine cannot see the primary machine on the network.
    • The user account on the secondary machine does not have privileges to write to a file on the primary machine.
This error is often caused by the user on the secondary machine not having the privilege to write to a file on the primary machine.



The installer runs the NCModify script to add the software nodes of the client machine to the netconfig.dat on the primary machine.

When installing PEGASYS on a client machine, the call to the NCModify script sometimes fails.

Try to edit and save the ncmodify script file, which is found at the following location: \\<PEGASYS_SERVER>\PML_PEGASYS\config\cfg\network\<PEGASYS_SERVER>_NCModify.script

You must resolve any Read/Write access problems before proceeding with the PEGASYS installation.

You can also try to save this new file under a different name and manually use the NCModify executable file found in \\<PEGASYS_SERVER>\PML_PEGASYS\system\bin to change the netconfig.dat.

The original NCModify.script text file can be manually edited to add the new workstation and all software nodes to be installed on it.


More Information

NCModify is a console application that lets you view and modify network configuration files.



ncmodify [options] [script_file1 script_file2 ... script_fileN]


Where options are:

-h: print help

-v: verbose mode-f<filename>: specify network configuration file name


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