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How to configure ION Vista to default to a specific diagram file upon startup

Goals and Symptoms

You can configure Vista to open a specific diagram file upon startup as the default behavior if you modify an existing registry file. The procedure below explains this process.

Facts and Changes


ION Vista, VistaDefaultDiagram, diagram

Causes and Fixes


  • 1. Go to Start > Run and type regedit.
    2. Open the registry key HKLM\Software\Power Measurement\ION Enterprise\x.x, and find the registry string VistaDefaultDiagram.
    3. Right-click on VistaDefaultDiagram and select Modify.
    4. Set the value to the diagram file that you wish to open (e.g. network.dgm)

Please note that the default file path to which VistaDefaultDiagram is directing is ..\config\diagrams\ud\.

More Information

Refer to the ION Enterprise Administrator's Guide and the section titled "How to Specify a Vista Diagram to Open for a Given User on Startup".


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