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How to define a custom entry diagram For WebReach

User wants to use a customize diagram other than the generated Network diagram (network.dgm file) to be the main and first diagram that shows up on Web Applications diagrams.

Product Line 
ION Enterprise 6.0 
Struxureware Power Monitor 7.0x
Power Monitor Expert 7.2x
Power Monitor Expert 8.0

Main Vista screen, and Web Applications Diagrams

The software uses the diagram called network.dgm as the main page, and would display this as the first page when you open  the Diagrams tab in Web applications. Unless, the user specifically set a different page to be the main page.


*Warning: This article contains information about editing the registry. Improper changes to the registry can permanently damage the operating system. Always backup the registry before making any changes.*
Failure to follow these instructions can require operating system re-installation.

Use the following steps to specify a custom diagram as a entry point for WebReach, in which is the version of ION Enterprise:
* Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Schneider Electric (or Power Measurement)\\ION Enterprise\\\\Webreach registry key
* Add a string value named NetworkDiagram
* Set the value of NetworkDiagram to be the path and name of the custom network diagram

Once this registry value is created, the Network Diagram navigation button found on the date range page and on the results page automatically links to the specified network diagram.

Note that the default user diagram for each meter has hard-coded references to x-pml:/diagrams/ud/network.dgm for the Network Diagram button. If WebReach is used with the default meter diagrams, this reference must therefore be changed in Vista.

Use the following steps to change the Network Diagram buttons default reference on default meter diagrams:
* Open VISTA.
* Select Options > Show Toolbox from the menu bar to enable the Toolbox - show Toolbox must be selected in order to make any customizations.
* Right-click the Network Diagram button, and select the Action tab.
* The Open User Diagram radio button is already selected.
* Click Browse..., navigate to your custom network diagram, and click Open.
* Click OK.
These steps must be completed for every meter diagram to be used with WebReach.

NOTE: If there is no NetworkDiagram entry in the registry, then WebReach uses the x-pml:/diagrams/ud/network.dgm by default.
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7 and Power Monitoring 8

Custom network diagram setup
If you have a custom network diagram on the primary server that you want to use instead of the
automatically generated network diagram, you need to modify the registry settings of the computer
where you run the Diagrams application to specify the location of the custom network diagram.

1. Start Windows Registry Editor and navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Schneider Electric\ION Enterprise\7.0.1\WebReach
If the Diagrams application is run on a 64-bit operating system, navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Schneider Electric\IONEnterprise\7.0.1\WebReach
Start the Windows Registry Editor by clicking on Start>Run, type regedit, and press enter

2. Right-click to add a new string value and name it NetworkDiagram.

3. Right-click NetworkDiagram, select Modify, then type the path and name of your custom
network diagram in the Value data field.

4. Click OK.

5. Restart IIS or your computer to apply the changes.

For more information, refer to the NetworkDiagram item in the table under Diagrams registry
settings. If there is no NetworkDiagram entry in the registry, then the default value xpml:/diagrams/ud/network.dgm is used.
The Network Diagram navigation button located on the date range page and the results page is
automatically updated to link to the custom network diagram you specified. However, the Network
Diagram button that exists in each meter user diagram uses a hard-coded link to xpml:/diagrams/ud/network.dgm. Use Vista to manually update the Network Diagram link in the
meter user diagrams. If you do not have access to Vista, contact your system administrator to change
the link for the grouping object in the network diagram as described below.

Changing the link for the grouping object in the network diagram
1. Start Vista and select Options > Show Toolbox to switch to Edit mode.
2. Right-click the grouping object in the network diagram to open the Grouping Object
Configuration dialog.
3. Select the Action tab and select Open User Diagram.
4. Click Browse to locate your custom network diagram. Select the diagram filename, then click
5. Click OK to save your changes.

NOTE: (Tactical Development Note) The initial releases of WebReach constrained the entry point to a diagram called network.dgm.  Beginning with ION Enterprise 4.5, the entry diagram for WebReach is user configurable.

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