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How many devices can be daisy chained off of the PNIM RS-485 ports?

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The maximum number of devices that can be daisy chained out of the PowerLogic Network Interface Module (PNIM) RS-485 port are 32, without using repeaters. The maximum length of the daisy chain is dependent on the baud rate of the devices. See table below.

Typical maximum RS-485 Drive Distance

Baud Rate 150-9600 19200 38400 57600 115200
Distance (feet) 4000 3200 3000 2300 1600
Distance (meters) 1220 975 914 701 488

*Note: Based on 24 AWG twisted shielded pair, 0.026 Ohm/ft (0.085 Ohm/m), 13pF/ft(41pF/m) conductor to conductor, 22 Pf/ft (72pF/m) conductor to shield.
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