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M340 Modbus Plus Proxy (TCSEGDB23F24FA) LED status lights

Goals and Symptoms

M340 Modbus Plus Proxy LED status lights

Causes and Fixes

M340 Proxy Module Status LEDs
The LED Display
There are four module status LEDs located at the top front of the module. They
indicate the operational status of the M340 EGD. The LEDs are labeled: PWR, RUN,
STS, and MAST.

As you refer to these tables, keep in mind the following:
Individual flashes are approximately 500 ms. There is a two-second interval
between flash sequences. For example:
flashing - flashes steadily, alternating between 500 ms on and 500 ms off
flash 2 - flashes twice (500 ms), then 2 seconds off
flash N - flashes N (some number of) times, then 2 seconds off

The PWR LED indicates whether or not the M340 EGD is receiving adequate power.
The following table summarizes the PWR LED states.

The following table describes the indicated condition(s) and the colors and blink
patterns that the RUN and MAST LEDs use to show normal operations and error
conditions for the M340 EGD.

The table that follows describes the Ethernet status communicated by the STS LED,
and the color and flash patterns used to indicate each condition.

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