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Using Concept, why do I get a "No devices available for selected LAN adapter..." when selecting Modbus Plus as the protocol type when connecting to the PLC?

Below are some possible causes.
1. The adapter must be installed as either device 0 or 1. This can be verified in the MBX Driver Suite -> Configuration -> MBX Device Drivers tab.
2. 16 bit Windows Application support must be selected. This can be selected in the MBX Driver Suite -> Configuration -> Virtual MBX Driver tab. (If this tab does not exist, you must use the installation CD and install the Virtual Device Driver.)
3. The NetBIOS Vector selected in the Virtual MBX Driver Configuration tab must match the entry in the Modicon.ini file. You will find the Modicon.ini file in the Concept install directory. If the adapter is installed as Device 0 and the NetBIOS Vector is 0x005C, the entry in the Modicon.ini file will be MBP0=5C. MBP1 would be for device 1 and the setting must match the last two digits of the NetBIOS Vector setting.

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