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Does the memory card for Lexium 32 PRODUCTS save all of the drive parameters?

Goals and Symptoms

Are all parameters in a Lexium 32 servo drive saved to the memory card?

Causes and Fixes

Yes, the memory card saves all parameters including the Motion Sequence Data for Lexium 32M PRODUCTS.
To save parameters to the memory card perform the following steps.

1. Insert the memory card.
If the data on the memory card does not match the data in the drive the drive will display "card" and you should proceed to step 2.
If the data on the memory card does match the data in the drive the display will show "rdy" and no further intervention is required.

2. Press the navigation button one time so display reads "iGnr"
3. Rotate navigation button till display reads "dtoc"
4. Press navigation button one time. Display will change to "rdy" as soon as parameters have been saved to the memory card.

Note: When a save to eeprom is performed while using the SoMove commissioning software parameters are also saved to the memory card.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212155 V1.0, Originally authored by TVe on 07/25/2013, Last Edited by TVe on 07/25/2013
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