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Why do I randomly encounter errors 100 and 150 when using multiple XXMIT blocks for Modbus functions with my Unity Quantum?

Error 100 means that in the 4th register of the MsgOut pin (Slave PLC Data area) has a zero. This is probably a timing issue with the multiplexing logic.
Error 150 means that one XXMIT still has the comm port while another XXMIT is attempting to access it (comm port not available). This is also probably a multiplexing issue.

Suggested method of troubleshooting is to disable all but one XXMIT and test them each individually in this manner. If they function independently, you must revisit logic and ensure that only one block can be fired at a time. If you are multiplexing values into the XXMIT blocks, ensure that the values are present before enabling the block.

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