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How to troubleshoot when Concept is not recognizing the TSXCUSBMBP USB to Modbus Plus converter?

Goals and Symptoms

To give instructions on troubleshooting a TSXCUSBMBP to check the NetBIOS Vector in Concept and compare it to the Virtual MBX driver.

Causes and Fixes

When the TSXCUSBMBP Modbus Plus card is not communicating with Concept, follow the below steps to check.
1) Open the virtual MBX Driver Configuration and verify first that there is a "check mark" in the "Support 16-bit Windows Applications". Also check to see what the NetBIOS Vector is set for. ( in this case is set for 0x005D.


Next you will want to go to your Device Manager to see if the card is seen and if so what the adapter number is ( see Below).
This card is (Device 0). What this specifies is when it is plugged into a USB port for the first time it will be Device 0. It is best to always try to
plug the card into the same USB port all the time, if you do not for every port that you plug it into it will load the driver and assign that port.
It is important to know that the card will only work on Device 0 and Device 1 only - any other number will not work.


When using Concept, you will need to check the modicon.ini file to see what it is set for to verify that it matches your virtual driver NetBIOS Vector.
Open a DOS window and type in modicon.ini and enter.


You will see the following [PORTS]

The line that is MBPO=5D below states MBP0 = DEVICE 0 from the above highlighted screen. (see #2).
5D is the NetBIOS Vector that you will see in the Virtual MBX Driver Configuration. (see #1)


Once this is done, you now should be able to go into Concept and go on line to the PLC. Depending on the OS or PC, your PC may require a re-boot.

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