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Is it possible to have an I/0 based Jog function with Lexium 32 when in Data Set Mode?

Goals and Symptoms


  • The Lexium 32M Motion Sequence mode provides a way to build motion profile movements that can be realized without an external PLC and minimal external wiring.

    Customers may be looking for a simple solution for "In-Feed" type applications where in material needs to be dispensed a predetermined distance, with the addition of a Jog function.

    Brief description of the functionality

    When a start signal is provided to the Lexium 32M the "In-Feed dispense move of the motor is driven a preset distance based on user adjustable parameters.
    This predefined move is repeated each time the start input is triggered.

    In the event of a material change-over it is commonly needed to have a jog function so the material being dispensed can be fed at a controlled slow speed based on a manual feed input.

    This resolution provides the starting configuration of the parameters of a Lexium 32 for this type of application.
    An overview of the input wiring requirements is also discussed in this resolution.

    Tool requirements

    You will need either Lexium CT commissioning software or SoMove software and a programming cable.
    This resolution was written with examples seen using Lexium CT software.

    Lexium CT is available for download at the following web address.\\index.nsf&XID=&XHOST=

    Schneider Electric programming cables that may be used include:
    TCSMCNAM3M002P or VW3A8106

    Overview of parameter settings

    The following parameters were set to provide the needed functionality with minimal wiring requirements.

    Please note that only the parameters mentioned in this document need to be modified all other parameters may remain at factory default settings with the exception of tuning parameters which will be discussed later in this resolution.


    1. Minimum wiring requirments for Lexium 32M have been made.
    2. Basic wiring of inputs as seen in example at end of this document must be made.
    2. Connection to Lexium 32M is established with Lexium CT software.

    Please see Lexium 32M manual for basic wiring configuration information.

    1. Starting at Simply Start / Basic Configuration

    Configure the device parameter DEVcmdinterf for Local Control Mode

    2. In the Axis configuration / Drive tab modify the parameter IO_AutoEnable for AutoOn.

    Note: This was done to reduce the amount of wiring necessary.
    If you wish to use an enable signal you can assign one of the free inputs as an enable input as seen in the next step.

    3. In the IO Functions / Digital inputs tab modify the parameters to match those seen in the example below.

    Brief description of input functions:

    Input 0 is the Manual move input.
    Activating this input will cause the drive to execute the Manual move.

    Input 1 is the Start input for Automatic mode.
    Activating this input will trigger an Automatic move but only if input 2 (Automatic) is true.

    Input 2 is the Automatic input.
    This input is used to select between Automatic mode and Manual mode.

    Input 3 is the Fault Reset input used to reset drive faults that are recoverable via a Fault Reset.

    Input 4 = Freely Available
    Input 5 = Freely Available

    As mentioned earlier in this document if you wish to have a separate input for drive enable you may use either of the two Freely Available inputs and modify their parameter as Enable.
    *Remember to set the parameter IO_AutoEnable to off if you are going to use an input as drive enable.*

    Example of input wiring

    4. In the IO Functions / Digital Outputs tab modify the parameters to match those seen in the example below.

    5. Next open the Motion Sequence table.
    Icon for motion sequence is highlighted in the example image below.

    6. Build the motion sequence table as seen in the example below.

    Note: All parameters that are out of view in the example screen image will be left at default values so it was not necessary to show them in the example.

    You may modify the following parameters to meet your needs.

    Data set 1 is used to control the manual feed motion profile.

    Setting A is the acceleration
    Setting B is the velocity
    Setting C is the direction, 0 = clockwise, 1 = counterclockwise
    Setting D is the deceleration

    Data set 2 is used to control the manual feed stop motion profile

    Setting A is the acceleration, changing this value will have no effect
    Setting B is the velocity which must be set at zero so the motion stops when the manual feed input is released.
    Setting C is the direction which has no effect since the velocity is set to zero.
    Setting D is the deceleration. This value can be changed to increase or decrease the reaction time of the stop when the manual feed input is released.

    Data set 4 is used to control the automatic feed motion profile.

    Setting A is the acceleration for the automatic move.
    Setting B is the velocity for the automatic move.
    Setting C is the target position. This value can be changed to increase or decrease the distance of the automatic feed move.
    Setting D is the deceleration for the automatic move.

    Do not modify the parameters Transition, Subsequent data set, Transition condition 1 or Transition value 1.
    These parameters must remain as seen in the example to provide the functionality that this document was written about.

    After you have tested your new settings it is important that you perform an Auto-Tune of the Lexium 32 M.
    Auto-tuning should be done with the machine setup for normal production loads.
    This is the only way to be assured that the Auto-tune settings are automatically calculated correctly.

    See Lexium 32 M manual for details on Auto-Tuning.


    When the drive is powered up it will enable and be ready to run.

    Activating Manual input will cause the motor to rotate at a profile based on Data set 1.
    The motor will continue to rotate as long as the Manual input is active.

    Activate the Automatic input to select between Manual and Automatic mode

    Activating the Start input will cause the motor to make one move based on the Data set 4 settings.
    Each trigger of the Start input will repeat the same movement.
    Please note that Automatic input must be true for Start automatic to function.

    To return the drive to Manual mode from Automatic mode you must deactivate the Automatic input and then activate the Start input one time.
    This will toggle the drive back into the Manual mode.

    Activating the Reset input will reset any error that is error reset recoverable.
    Please see operation manual for details on resettable errors.


Causes and Fixes


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL204193 V1.0, Originally authored by TVe on 12/21/2010, Last Edited by TVe on 12/21/2010
Related ranges: Lexium 32
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