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How do you add a CANopen .EDS file into Unity Pro using Sycon software?

Goals and Symptoms
Step by step procedure for importing a .eds file into Unity Pro using Sycon.
Causes and Fixes

Once Sycon is installed, open the path to where the .eds is located - Sycon\fieldbus\canopen\eds.

Take the .eds file that you have for the device and put it in the Sycon folder.

Once it's put in the folder and saved, you can then open Sycon and select CANopen.

Add the master.

Add the slave.

Scroll to the device name to add, in this case, the one that was imported to this is MFB ATV31 and select and then add.

Once done, save and name it.

Save project

Once saved, open Unity and add in your can module or PCMCIA card and import. Double click on either the PCMCIA card you added or the module for can.

The radial button is in Unity Pro and then select data base and the following will come up.

Now select the file that was created and saved, in this case, and open it.

Select Bus configuration.

In this case, here is the file that was created and imported and you can see the parameters that are associated with what was imported.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL201590 V2.0, Originally authored by DiSa on 03/06/2010, Last Edited by BrWa on 10/19/2012
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