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How to use small size of Cyrillic font in Vijeo-Designer

Goals and Symptoms

In Vijeo-Designer, the size of the font Vijeo Cyrillic cannot be less than 16x16. What is the solution to write smaller cyrillic characters?

Facts and Changes

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Causes and Fixes

Only Vijeo Cyrillic font can be used to write cyrillic characters on XBT G. Therefore the minimal size is 16x16. There is no solution to have smaller characters.

On XBT GT, with Vijeo-Designer 4.3 and following versions:
Three fonts can be used to write cyrillic characters on XBT GT: Vijeo Cyrillic, Vijeo-S Utah and Vijeo-S Andale. The two last fonts allow to use small size: up to size 8.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL191101 V1.0, Originally authored by ArGr on 03/11/2008, Last Edited by ArGr on 03/11/2008
Related ranges: Magelis XBT GT, Magelis XBT G, Vijeo Designer
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