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What is the mean time between failures (MTBF) for older ConneXium product?

This table reflects the mean time between failures in hours for each of the older ConneXium PRODUCTS. If you divide the total hours by 8760 (number of hours in a year), you will get the total number of years between failures. If you divide 720 (hours in a month) you will have the total months between failures.


Part Number Description
MTBF in Hours
499NEH00410 DIN Rail 10Base-TP Hub (4 10Base-T RJ45 Ports)
499NEH04100 DIN Rail 100Base-TX Hub (4 100Base-TX RJ45 Ports)
499NEH00510 DIN Rail 10Base-TP/FL Hub (3 10BaseT RJ45, 2 10BaseFL ST Multimode Ports)
499NOS07100 DIN Rail 10/100 Base-TX/FX Switch (5 10/100 RJ45, 2 Redundant Duplex SC Multimode Ports)
499NES07100 DIN Rail 10/100 Base-TX/TX Switch (5 10/100 RJ45, 2 Redundant RJ45 Ports)
499NES08100 DIN Rail 10/100Base-TX Switch (8 10/100Base-TX RJ45 Ports)
499NTR00010 DIN Rail 10Base-TP/FL Transceiver, Multimode
499NTR00100 DIN Rail 100Base-TX/FX Transceiver, Multimode

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