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How do you set the Connexium Firewall to Router Mode?

Goals and Symptoms

Explain the steps involved in setting up the Connexium Firewall for Router Mode.

Facts and Changes

Connexium Firewall setup in Router Mode configures the firewall to work as a 2 port router.
This will allow the configuration of internal network IP addresses on port 1 and external network IP addresses on port 2.

Causes and Fixes

First, click on the Router Mode entry in the right-hand product browser window under the Network heading.
You will need to verify your Router Mode settings before setting the Firewall to Router Mode.
Since the firewall will behave just like a 2 port router, when set to Router Mode, the IP Address and Netmask has to be specified for both the internal and external network.
If needed a Default Gateway Address can be specified on the External interface to connect to an Extranet or the Internet router.
See screenshot below.

In the lower window you can specified secondary IP addresses to allow router connectivity to multiple subnet works.
Click the New Button to specify the IP address and which interface, the Internal port or External port, to apply the IP address.
In the below screen shot the IP address of was applied to the internal (int) interface.

After , the appropriate IP Addresses and Netmasks and Default Gateway Address have been verified and set on each interface.
Then click on the Global entry in the right-hand product browser window under the Network heading.
Now change the Mode to Router and click set. See screen shot below.

Finally, Save your changes on the Connexium Firewall under the Load/Save heading.


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209645 V1.0, Originally authored by BrWa on 11/14/2012, Last Edited by BrWa on 11/14/2012
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