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Uniy Pro : How to reduce time to build an application.

The following selections in the Project settings will reduce time to build application (offline, online or both).

Project settings.

- General->Management of Build messages: Turn off any warnings you don't need (Offline/Online)
- General-> PLC diagnostics: turn off application diagnostics, if possible (Offline/Online)
- General-> Project autosaving on download -> Uncheck: "save STU" (Online)
- General-> Project autosaving on download -> Uncheck: "save XVM" if not needed (Online)
- General-> PLC embedded data -> Check "Optimize data online" change (Online)
- General-> PLC embedded data -> Select: Auto upload - on user request (Online) (1)
- General-> PLC embedded data - Data dictionary-> uncheck if not needed (Online) will reduce the amount of MB being sent by reducing the information on variables.
  Only use this if you need it for your SCADA system or Vijeo Designer HMI.
  If needed : Use the HMI Variable only, to reduce the number of variables.

General recommendations:
- Use Build change instead of Rebuild All (Offline)
- Incremental build online: Not too many build changes at a time.  When a modification is done on a section, this complete section is rebuilt.
  Small modifications on several sections could cause long time to build. (Offline/Online)
- When Ethernet Comm. is used in the CPU configuration CPU maximum Unity data exchange by PLC scan: If you change it to 12x1024, build time will speed up but scan will be negatively affected.
  This may be a good setting to try during the commissioning process, to be switched back once running in the field. (Online) (2)

On Unity pro V6.0 and V6.1 the respective Hot Fix :
will improve all the performance of Unity Pro, including Build performance.

(1) This option must be active for a running application in a plant. However, it may be not selected for bench tests.
(2) Data Dictionary requires x times 1024 to work. We need this option for SCADA application via NOE.

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