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What causes the "mscomm.vbx" error when launching ProWORX NXT?

The 'mscomm.vbx' file error is generated if ProWORX NxT attempts to access a version of 'mscomm.vbx' other than the file created (7/16/93). This error will usually point to either the System or System32 folder on your PC. The correct 'mscomm.vbx' file is dated (7/16/93). ProWORX NxT was developed with this file, so you need this dated file for NxT to run properly. Do a search on your PC for the file with this date. If the file is found in a different folder, simply copy/paste it into the folder that contains the file with the incorrect date. If you don't have the (7/16/93) dated 'mscomm.vbx' file anywhere on your PC, then use the attached file below.


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