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How do I configure an NOE771 Ethernet Module using Concept?

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this Resolution is to illustrate how to configure a 140NOE771xx Ethernet module in Concept.

Facts and Changes

To configure an 140NOE771xx ethernet module (with the IP address assigned via the configuration), follow these steps listed below:

Causes and Fixes

1. Click on Select Extensions on the PLC Configuration screen.
2. Enter the number of NOE modules that are installed on the backplane.

3. Click OK to accept these settings.
4. Click on I/O Map and then click on the Edit button.

5. Click on the Rack/Slot location of the NOE ethernet module and select Net Adapter.
Note that the numbers in parenthesis refer to specific number of the module in the backplane.

6. Click OK, close the all the configuration windows, go back to the PLC Configuration screen.
7. Select Ethernet I/O Scanner.
8. Select Specify IP Address
9. Configure the modules IP address, Subnet Mask etc. for each NOE module in the backplane.
Each module is selected by using the Master Module (Slot) entry field.


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