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PL7PRO V4.4 : corrective patch for tranfer with symbols issues

Release Notice

All PL7 PRO V4.4 references are affected. This patch can be installed only with PL7PRO V4.4

Goals and Symptoms

During an application transfer from PLC to PC you may have the following symptoms:
- transfer is frozen
- crash of PL7 with fatal error
- closing of PL7 with creation of list of errors in pl7err.log

Other symptoms:

- Download programm in a L2 processor (TSXPx7xx2) is not possible if there is a memory card with symbols. This issue only occurs with PL7 V4.4 version.

Facts and Changes

This software will update the PL7 Junior or PL7 Pro V4.4 workstations to version V4.4 P1

Causes and Fixes

Contents of Patch V4.4/P1

This patch provides updates for the "Application Transfer" functions:

- During the transfer of the symbols area and DFB information, the detection of an inconsistency between the content of the application and the DFB information contained in the memory card is displayed.

- After a transfer of the symbols area and DFB information, the animation tables and operating screens are maintained in the PC.

- Using PL7 in english langage: Translation in English of the messages concerning the detection of a symbol area and DFB information that is too large for the memory card in the PLC. The program transfer continues with no communication error.

- The symbols in the PLC are transferred when downloading a V4.2 level application to a PC featuring PL7 PRO V4.3 or V4.4. However the update of the symbols in the PLC is necessary during the first downloading.

- The comparison of an EMPTY area (symbols and DFB information) between the PLC and the PC is displayed identically and no longer triggers a request to update this area in the PLC.

- Possibility of transferring a PC application to PLC with the L2 PLCs (TSX 57x02) equipped with a memory card containing symbols.

*Note: In case of inconsistency, to verify that the DFB comments are assigned to the right DFB variables is required (there could be a shift).


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