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Which protocols can be used on the SLAN output (Fiber optic output) of ACE969FO-2?

Since the ACE969FO-02 does not have an Ethernet port, you cannot be connected to Ethernet using the ACE969FO-2. The S-LAN output of the ACE969FO-2 is a serial port that supports Modbus RTU or DNP3 or IECI 60870-5-103 protocols (but obviously not Modbus TCP/IP since this is an Ethernet protocol). To communicate Modbus TCP/IP, use the ACE850FO. For more information, there is a chart in the "Communication Accessories" section of the Sepam 20, 40, 80 "Digital Protection Relays" catalogue. A copy of this chart from the 2010 version of this catalogues is reproduced below for convenience:

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