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Why does the Sepam Series 20, 40,60 and 80 Relay not display waveforms for all phases of current / voltage?

When certain variables are calculated rather than acquired (measured) by Sepam, the waveform associated to those variables is not available. Those variables are calculated by a software program, based on the "phasors" derived from signal processing ("sin/cos" filter). For those variables, "not valid" appears in the related field in the disturbance recording file. This may occur for I2, Ir, Vr, U32, U13, according to the set-up. See the example below.


Date Created: March 13, 2008
Last Revised: September 11, 2008
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Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL192740 V1.0, Originally authored by PhHa on 09/12/2008, Last Edited by PhHa on 09/12/2008
Related ranges: SFT 2841 - SFT2848 (Sepam series 20, 40, 80 software), SFT 2826 (OPG display), Sepam series 80, Sepam series 40, Sepam series 20
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