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How to troubleshoot network faults on an Altivar VFD?

How to troubleshoot network faults on an Altivar VFD

Product Line:
Altivar ATV Drives

All with network option card

Network communication faults

1).   The VFD cannot be seen on the network.

        a).   Identify the communication protocol and verify the correction communication protocol is selected.
        b).   Verify the cable connection, VFD is connected to the network and wiring is correct.
        c).   Verify addressing and the transmission rate, where applicable.
        d).   If address on the VFD, is programmed on the VFD, cycle power on the VFD in order for the changes to take effect.
        e).   If the protocol is Ethernet, verify controller  and VFD are on same network, ( ie IP address and subnet Mask)
2). The VFD  fault intermittently on CNF.
        a).   Check for terminator on the network , where applicable.
        b).   Check the grounding of the communication cable, the communication cable should be grounded at the Controller, where applicable.
        c).   Check the communication speed of the network and number of devices on the network , increase network timeout on the VFD, where applicable.
        d).   Verify the communication cable is not running parallel to high voltage wiring.
3).    When VFD communication cable is connected to the network, the entire network crashes.
         a).   Verify that each device on the network has unique addresses.
         b).   Verify the communication cable are connected to the correct terminals (not reversed) , where applicable.
4).    The VFD fault when a run command is initiated.
         a).   Verify the motor ground is connected directly to the VFD.
         b).   Check the programming of the switching frequency in the motor control menu, Lower if possible.
        c).    Isolate the IT filter on the VFD if the power supply system is a Corner grounded, high impedance or high leg delta.
        e).    Run the VFD with the motor is disconnected and see if the network fault returns. 
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