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What does NST mean on the Schneider Electric Drives?

What does NST mean on the Schneider Electric Drives?
Product Line:
All ATV drives
NST is not a fault but means the drive is in an freewheel stop condition.
Causes and fixes :
1.       VFD has an input assigned to Freewheel stop?   Check to see if that the input is active.
2.       The drive is in 3 wire control (TCC =3C). LI1 must be active before the NST will clear.
3.       The VFD is in 2 wire control (TCC = 2C) Verify if the drive was powered with the run command active, if so cycle the run command or set TCT to LEL. IO menu, 2 wire type = level
4.       If the drive is being controlled by serial communication, the drive will display NST until the Hex value of 6 has been written to the command word.
5.       If the 4-20 mA signal loss is programmed to freewheel stop and the drive has loss the signal. Check the 4-20 mA signal.
6.       If the drive is running from terminal control  and the stop button on the keypad or remote display is pressed, the drive will go to NST. Power cycle the drive to clear the NST..
7.       For the ATV61/71 VFD only
a.       If the drive is running and the PWR input signal drops below +19 VDC the drive will stop and display NST.  You will need to make sure you close the +24 VDC to PWR input
and cycle off and on the run command again.
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