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What is the difference between a ATV61H.... and a ATV61K.....?

Drive nameplate shows ATV61H…. the drive menu 1.11 shows ATV61K …

Product Line:
Altivar 61

Different part numbers for the same drive.

ATV61HU55N4 (IP20) is on the nameplate and in the drive menu (1.11) it shows ATV61KU75N4 (IP00)
When the the IP00 rating changes, that increases the the drive rating ( up one size) and part number changes from H (shown on drive nameplate) to K (shown in the drive menu) .
KU indicates the drive original rating in menu 1.4 ( Access level must expert ) was changed to increase the drive rating to one size larger than what the original nameplate shows. The IP rating change is only done in our enclosed packages, this is not  an option for the open style drives.
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