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How is the ATV312 (also ATV31, ATV32, and ATV320) set up for an automatic restart after a fault?

How to activate the Automatic Restart feature on an ATV312 drive?

Product line:
Altivar 312 (ATV312)
Altivar 31 (ATV31)
Altivar 32 (ATV32)
Altivar 320 (ATV320)

All models, all serial numbers   


Navigate to the FLt menu and set parameter Atr to YES.
Only certain faults will permit an automatic restart.  If the condition that caused the fault clears and the run command is still present, the drive will restart.  By default, the automatic restart will make multiple attempts to restart for 5 minutes before locking in fault.  Longer time periods are available per parameter tAr.
This function requires tCC=2C and tCt=LEL or PFO, both parameters in the IO menu.
It will not operate if the tCC=3C or if control is managed by the keypad or serial communication network.
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