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What is the UCF trip code on the ATS22? How is it triggered?

Needs to understand the UCF (Motor Underload or Undercurrent Fault)

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All models, all part numbers.


This is a motor underload (undercurrent) condition based on the setting of parameters UId and UIt in the Protections menu, PrO.
UId is the undercurrent threshold as a % of parameter In, motor rated current.  It can be set to oFF to disable the feature.
UIt is the undercurrent time delay.
In a run state, if the motor current remains below the UId threshold for the UIt time period, the ATS22 will trip on UCF.
UCF detection is based on average amps.
Average current has to be nonstop below the UId level (if average exceeds (even for just a moment) UId,level, the UIt time counter re-starts from 0).
Note: The customer must also consider the current measurement accuracy (about 5%).


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