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What are the specifications for ATV312 drive output relays?

There are two relays in the drive.
Relay R1 has three terminals to provide a Normally Open (NO) and a Normally Closed contact from a common.
R1A is a N.O. contact.
R1B is a N.C. contact.
R1C is the common.
R1 is a programmable relay.  When programmed as the factory default, drive fault relay, R1A is closed and R1B is open when the controller is powered and not faulted. Both contacts will change state when the drive faults.

Relay R2 has two terminals to provide a NO contact, R2A & R2C.  This relay is also programmable.

Electrical Characteristics are as follows:
Min. switching capacity: 10 mA for 5 Vdc
Max. switching capacity on a resistive load (power factor = 1 and L/R time constant = 0 ms): 5 A for 250 Vac and 30 Vdc
Max. switching capacity on an inductive load (power factor = 0.4 and L/R time constant = 7 ms): 1.5 A for 250 Vac and 30 Vdc
Sampling time: 8 ms
Service life: 100,000 operations at maximum switching power;
                   1,000,000 operations at minimum switching power.

CTA-ID : 2058157
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