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    • Foxboro display at the 1915 World's Fair

      The history of Invensys

      Invensys brand was acquired by Schneider Electric in January of 2014. The Foxboro brand has a history of innovation that continues with our commitment to provide the best products and services to our customers

      Refinery illuminated at night, energy management
      Invensys is a global technology company with three business segments: Software, Industrial Automation and Energy Controls. Invensys came into being as a result of the merger between BTR and Siebe on 4 February 1999. The name “Invensys” was voted for as the new name of the merged businesses by shareholders on 16 April 1999.
      Foxboro display at the 1915 World's Fair

      Milestone Dates

      • 1819

        Augustus Siebe (1788-1872) moves to London and sets up an engineering practice. He is joined by his son, Gorman.
      • 1908 - The Foxboro Company established

        The family-owned company manufactured machinery and machine tools, and developed a worldwide reputation for industrial controls.
      • 1966 - Eurotherm established

        Originally Eurotherm produced electronic temperature controllers, but grew into new business areas that enabled it to offer customers world-class solutions in control, data management and process automation
      • 1967 - SimSci established

        Primarily focused on plant-level simulations, SimSci helped to optimize processes for the refining and petrochemical industries.
      • 1983 - Esscor established

        Primarily focused on providing training simulators for operators, Esscor enabled the power industry to optimize performance and increase productivity.
      • 1983 - Triconex established

        Triconex is now the world's leading supplier of safety and critical control systems to industries around the world.
      • 1983 - Avantis established

        Avantis combined extraordinary software products and value-added services to deliver Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, which are now used by more than 700 customers throughout the world
      • 1987 - Wonderware established

        Wonderware pioneered the use of Microsoft Windows operating system in HMI automation software for manufacturing.
      • 1990's - Siebe acquisitions

        Siebe acquires Triconex, Eurotherm, Wonderware, SimSci, Avantis and Esscor
      • 1999 - Siebe becomes Invensys

        Siebe merges with BTR to create Invensys
      • 2001 - Invensys Rail Systems created

        Individual rail-related business units are organized into a specialized business group that became a world leader in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commission, maintenance and management of safety-related rail signalling and control systems.
      • 2004 - Invensys becomes Invensys Controls

        Appliance Controls and Climate Controls merge to form Invensys Controls.
      • 2009 - Invensys Operations Management is created

        IPS, Wonderware, Eurotherm and IMServ are integrated to form a single division. The decision was driven by the convergence of technologies that enable customers to optimise their entire operations, the opportunity to create a continuum of solutions and services for the whole industrial market and the potential for cost savings.
      • 2009 - Invensys unveils its new brand

        With three core divisions - Invensys Operations Management, Invensys Rail and Invensys Controls - Invensys unveils a new brand as a sign that its turnaround is complete and it is now moving forward.
      • 2013 - Completion of the disposal of Invensys Rail

        Invensys plc confirms the sale of Invensys Rail to Siemens.
      • January 2014 - Schneider Electric acquires Invensys

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