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      Solutions for onshore Oil & Gas production

      Wellhead Automation

      Complete Wireless Wellhead Solutions

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      Operators must continually find ways to improve production volumes and total operating costs of installed base wells, without re-engineering and reconfiguring solutions.

      Wireless Wellhead at Remote Sites

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      • Solutions

        Schneider Electric offers a complete solution for well production automation with wireless instrumentation, remote terminal units (RTUs), and data radios.  The offers is part of a cost effective and efficient gas & liquid production automation suite.

      • Value Proposition

        One Solution

        Self-powered wireless instruments eliminate the need for cabling, trenching, and conduit.  They provide operational information from stranded locations that would be difficult to instrument with conventional wiring.

        SCADAPack industrial RTUs provide enhanced control and data logging capabilities.  They are designed for low power consumption and extended reliability in remote applications.

        Trio data radios provide complete control and ownership-over-the-network communications.  They are available in both licensed and license-free models.
      • Differentiation

        • Low cost deployment and lower cost of operation
        • Easy to install and use
        • Integrated power, communications & instrumentation
        • Reliable, longest reach system on the market
        • Resistance to interference & noise
        • Deterministic battery life
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        Cost savings over wired solutions, both initially and ongoing. 

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        Networks are deployed quickly without engineering.

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        Easy to use with limited maintenance.

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