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      Power monitoring system for Marine (PMgS)

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    You can only manage what you measure – that’s why you need a solution to monitor power consumption on ships and to analyze and optimize their electrical distribution.
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      A scalable offer enabling full monitoring of ship electrical consumption, based on 3 pillars:
      1) Measure
      Rely on a complete range of power meters, MV protection relays and connected circuit breakers to measure electrical parameters at every stage of the electrical installation.
      2) Collect
      Using the new Enerlin'X communication system, log data from metering devices and make them available either locally or remotely.
      3) Display and analyze
      Display measurements and dashboards locally, in real time. Provide advanced software and tools to analyze and optimize energy consumption.

    • Key facts

      Data display

      • Access to information in Real-Time Easy Reporting
      • Easy communication with 3rd party systems 

      Data analysis 

      • Easy identification of power, energy consumption and more
      • Estimation of energy saving potential
      • Performance Analysis for vessel & fleet 


      • Easy to install
      • Easy to configure
      • Easy to operate

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