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    • Nighttime stars over petroleum production and Pawnee Buttes Colorado, oil and gas.

      Energy Management Overview

      The main operational performance objective for Oil & Gas is to be safe and reliable. Providing uninterrupted electrical management and control is critical for maximum ROI. Our mission is to help businesses meet their energy challenges with proven solutions that monitor, control and optimize electrical energy for oil and gas infrastructure.


    Schneider Electric platforms provides an integrated solution to energy management ensuring optimal energy supply and distribution for efficient production.

    Combining PACiS EMCS, SE Advance Distribution Management System with outage management and Resource Advisor systems results in substantial benefits.

    Benefits and Differentiation

    > Reduced production halts from ED outages and maintenance operation
    > Minimized operation and maintenance costs of ED networks
    > Better post-outage electrical management
    > Minimize energy costs and environmental impact

    > Energy visibility through centralized monitoring, control and power management
    > Ensured uptime of critical applications
    > Savings in OPEX and CAPEX, reduced need for spare parts


    Schneider Electric is a trusted industry leader with a complete range of electrical distribution solutions that provide quality power, asset and personnel protection, and energy management.

    These scalable solutions lower life cycle costs, extend asset life, and improve personnel safety.

    Benefits and Differentiation

    > Renew instead of replace to reduce costs and downtime
    > Maximize energy efficiency and power quality
    > Reduced project risk through a modular electrical system

    > Integrated motor management for critical load/process
    > Accelerated time to first oil
    > Outage management resulting in reduced deferred production

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