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      Water Management

      Water is the new gold in mining. Increasing environmental regulations will extend the need to control and monitor water usage throughout the entire mine life cycle. A decline in the grade of mined materials will increase the intensity of mineral processes and water usage.

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      Schneider Electric provides a broad scope of solutions for managing water in every area of the mine.

      Water management requires a holistic, enterprise-wide approach. Schneider Electric’s solutions will give you the necessary tools to leverage water as a business variable.

      > Telemetry: Monitor and control operations such as water quality, water levels and pumping across dispersed and/or inaccessible areas.

      > Mobility Inspection Tools: Use mobility tools for water inspections, especially at non-instrumented locations.

      > Weather Forecasting: Understand and anticipate critical weather affecting water management.

      > Sustainability Portal: A single snapshot of water performance at all of your plants and sites.


      > Exceed environmental objectives
      > Proactive monitoring to respond quickly to water incidents

      > Minimize dependence on external contractors
      > Improved quality and timeliness of water reporting

      Environmental Management

      The impact of mining activities on the environment and the resulting regulatory pressure has forced the industry to move towards more sustainable operations. The task of gathering and analyzing environmental data is complex, and the path forward is not always clear.

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      Get proactive monitoring, reporting and alerts with our integrated and scalable solution addressing the different aspects of environmental management.

      > Real-time monitoring and alerting
      > Mobile and automated inspections
      > Weather integration
      > Trends and reporting


      > Proactive monitoring improves response to environmental monitoring 

      > Increased quality of environmental reporting

      > Reduced dependence on external contractors for data collection and analysis 

      Power Distribution

      Challenges to power distribution for expansion and new projects must be addressed. Aside from significant capital investment, it involves safety, critical power availability and regulatory compliance.

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      Schneider Electric provides extensive solutions for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems

      > Smart E-Houses: Prefabricated substations, control rooms and mobile data centers
      > LV and MV power distribution equipment: a complete line of MV/LV substations, equipment and components
      > Supervision: For power distribution and substation automation


      E-House is a fully engineered, cost effective, plug & play solution fully compliant with the latest building codes and standards. It is tested, validated and industrialized by Schneider Electric providing integrated safety, security and access control.

      > Reduced start-up time and manpower to build and commission in remote locations
      > Delivered ready for installation in the field
      > Simplified project coordination

      > Less required maintenance with optimized engineering and design

      Renewable and Hybrid Energy

      Energy costs are a significant factor for the mining industry. Leveraging renewable and hybrid energy sources need to be part of the strategy in order to remain competitive.

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      Schneider Electric’s expertise in solar and micro-grid technologies allows us to deliver effective renewable-based solutions.

      > Energy efficiency, energy management, renewable energy and new energy technologies
      > Hybrid generation photo voltaic systems
      > Hybrid system architectures addressing the most economical energy mix


      Let our leading technologies, worldwide solution capabilities and mining industry expertise help you:

      > Reduce energy costs and environmental impact
      > Improve energy availability
      > Achieve a greener, more sustainable operation

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