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Technical paper 22/05/2015 Add to my Documents
Netshelter CX Case Study - Softcat
Technical paper 05/06/2013 Add to my Documents
CIRED2015-Wireless connection in distribution substation
Historicaly, automation investments in MV distribution network were focussed mainly on energy availability. Since a decade, the emergence of new applications such as distributed generation for...
Technical paper 11/08/2015 Add to my Documents
CIRED2015-Contribution of the HV/LV prefabricated substation standard and practices to the robustness of the prefabricated HV E-houses
The goal of this article is to show how the functions awaited by engineering and the operator of prefabricated assemblies, intended for the distribution of high and low voltage electrical energy,...
Technical paper 11/08/2015 Add to my Documents
CIRED2015-Validation methods of SF6 alternative gas
This paper deals with the validation steps of alternative gases to SF6 for medium voltage switchgear applications. It is not only focused on technical properties capabilities of the most...
Technical paper 11/08/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED2014-MV switchgear safety: how can design and features minimize the electrical risk?
Safety of personnel when operating medium voltage switchgear is critical. Electrical risk involving direct or indirect contact with live parts is one of the main risk related to a switchgear. The...
Technical paper 11/08/2015 Add to my Documents
CIRED2015-Continuous vacuum monitor for air insulated vacuum circuit breakers
The Continuous Vacuum Monitor presented improves the availability of the Vacuum Circuit Breaker left without maintenance from 99.9% to as much as 99.999 9% and the functional safety to 99.999 999%...
Technical paper 11/08/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED2012-Can China MV networks also benefit from the latest 2SIS fixed MV switchgear technology?
China MV distribution network architecture makes extensive use of MV/MV switching substations with circuit breaker functions. Although KYN type panels are the most commonly used today, there is a...
Technical paper 11/08/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED 2012-Innovative MV switchgear for today's applications
Historically switchgear evolution happened every 20 or 30 years. Every element of switchgear, switching devices, current and voltage transformers, protection relays and general architecture have...
Technical paper 10/08/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED 2010-Advent of fixed type Disconnecting Circuit Breakers in Medium Voltage secondary switchgear: a new arrangement of main circuit functions
The purpose of this paper is to challenge some well-known arrangements of devices like racking trucks, disconnectors,circuit breakers and earthing switches. A new single line diagram will be...
Technical paper 08/07/2015 Add to my Documents
Matpost 2011-Benefits of the functional approach in Standardization activity
Functionnal approach leads to a variety of technical solutions and opens the door to innovation. IEC, main international standardization frame for electrical switchgear, applies such approach based...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED 2012-The role of standards as enabler of optimized MV Switchgear design
Electrotechnical switchgear used for network operation has high stakes in term of safety and power availability. For this purpose, it is essential they rely on high level standards such as IEC,...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
Matpost 2011-LPCT Allows rationalization of the protection chain
Traditionally the current measurement in the MV systems has been made with Current Transformers (CTs). The use of new technology called Low Power Current Transformer (LPCT) allows an evolution in...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED 2014-Is overvoltage protection useful in MV distribution equipment?
Relevancy of overvoltage protection on MV networks is discussed according to the network structure and the switching equipment installed. Over-voltages can be generated by natural phenomena like...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED 2014-Time to reconsider VT's implementation for a better reliability
NRJED315645 EN
In the smart grid deployment, more and more voltage transformers (VTs) are used to provide voltage measurements, for example for power measurement. In traditional switchboards, VTs were identified...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
ISBN 2008-2. Compliance with insulation coordination
The behaviour under lightning is simulated numerically for vacuum switch-disconnectors (standard deviation StD of 16%) and gas switch-disconnectors (StD of 5%) in a critical case of a MV/LV...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
CIGRE 2011 - Recovery and regeneration of SF6 at switchgear end of life is now a mastered
Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas has been used since approximately 1960 in electrical equipment for energy transmission and distribution at rated voltages above 1000 V. It is recognized as an ideal...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED 2008-Impact of Vacuum Switch-disconnectors
Using vacuum technology in 100% of distribution switchgears will increase the number of vacuum interrupters in the network by a factor of 20. Here a statistical analysis is used to evaluate the...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
CICED 2008 - Capacitor Bank Switching with Vacuum Circuit Breakers
After interruption of a capacitive current sometimes Non Sustained Disruptive Discharges (NSDD’s) are observed when using vacuum circuit breakers. According to network calculations, NSDD’s...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents
PCIC 2015- Arc Flash vs arc resistant
"Arc flash" and "arc resistant" terms became common in the industry when speaking about the possible consequences of an arcing fault on an electrical installation or within an electrical...
Technical paper 22/04/2015 Add to my Documents