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    Diversity and Inclusion


    All about initiatives developed by global and local teams to promote diversity & Inclusion culture, gender equality, women networks, leadership programs, forums... 30 Diversity and Inclusion ambassadors in our major countries, are part of the network in charge of deploying the company's policy across the globe: Diversity days, maternity leave policy, network activities, women leaders events, gender workshop for leaders, women in leadership program ... 

    • “eaSE Her Life” – Schneider Electric Turkey Women Network

      Schneider Electric Turkey launched the very first initiative for women in February 24th, named "eaSE Her Life" sponsored by Country President Bora Tuncer. Women at Schneider Electric Turkey from all locations came together, to share the best practices and benefit from their experiences, and discuss together with management team members on perception of women at work, and how to change bias against career development of women as mother and wife.

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    • Chile – Signature of Women Empowerment Principles

      Santiago de Chile, March, 2016 - In the context of the celebration of the International Women´s Day, the Country President of Schneider Electric Chile, Cándido Gutiérrez, signed the Women Empowerment Principles (WEP), joining in this way the global commitment that started in 2015 with the signature of 15 Schneider CEO’s of major countries in the world. Cándido Gutiérrez emphasized that women´s empowerment means innovation, creativity and differentiation.

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    • Lean IN - International Women’s Day Event at Singapore

      The International Women’s Day was celebrated in Singapore on 8 March with more than 200+ female participants.
      All women employees were wished Women’s Day with a Schneider Greeting card presented to them by male colleagues congratulating them on their achievements. Country President Saulo Spaolans signed Women's Empowerment Principles. Senior leaders from Commercial Operations, Global Supply Chain, HR joined the panel discussion and shared their experience and personal stories on women matters and called out men to step forward to support and encourage women.

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    • Shaping the Future with Women in Leadership

      The International conference for Deutsche Bahn Women in Management was held on the 25th and 26th of January in Berlin with 200 female managers. Rada Rodriguez, SVP Central and Eastern Europe, was invited as Keynote Speaker to the topic – “Design the change” on how organizations prepare for the future. She presented the importance of Diversity & Inclusion for Schneider Electric and the current activities in Germany for Diversity & Inclusion including partnerships “GO MINT”, “Charta der Vielfalt” as well as the participation at “women & work”.

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    • International Disability Day

      December 3rd was the International Disability Day (United Nations)! At South America We promote a culture of respect, learning and motivation for all employees and society! We had the chance to run a "Get on My chair" (analogy from get on my shoes) so employees could understand the daily difficulties and how strong minded are our disable employees! Lots of learning, inspiration and motivation to never give up!

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    • New recognition in Iberian Zone

      Ainoa Irurre, our VPHR Director for the Iberian Zone has been awarded, in December 2015 in Barcelona, with the AQ Awards for "Best HR Director". This is a great recognition for a great year and professional career in Schneider Electric. Ainoa is one of the main promotor in Spain for the Diversity culture.

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    • La Tribune Women's Award 2015

      Each year since 2009, the economic newspaper "La Tribune" recognises talented women in different areas: research, business, digitisation, start up... In December, Christel Heydemann, Senior VP for Global Alliances at Schneider Electric, received the award for "Smart city". Congratulations!

      This award recognises a woman who has a remarkable vision for cities of the future.

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    • France shares gender balance experience with Japan

      On September 16th, a Japanese delegation from Ministry of Social Affairs learnt how France manages professional development for women, life balance, wages equity and recruitment. They met 3 of the Technical Jobs Ambassadresses who explained their technical and management career including a rich family life. A visit to a brand new nursery for employees showed them how the company cares of parenthood.

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    • Diversity label in Belgium

      At Schneider Electric in Belgium, we are convinced for several years already that diversity is a necessity and a competitive advantage .
      For the second time consecutively, a diversity plan was presented to the administration of the Brussels Region and has been accepted and validated.
      Only 21 companies in the Brussels Region obtained a diversity label officially recognizing the commitment made by them in this regard.
      Within the Belgian entity, diversity affects important axes such as gender balance, origins and age and that through the diversification of the recruitment channels, equal opportunities within the company, during recruitment and On boarding but also and especially through the involvement of our employees

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    • Women Leaders Event in Hong Kong

      Last September in Hong Kong, 40 women leaders from Business activities have attended a breakfast with Executive Committee members; At the agenda of conversation: How to improve gender balance and become a Best in class companies. A lot of ideas which will be key inputs for the Women advisory Board which will take place in October.

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    • Gender workshop for leaders

      Half-day Gender Workshops for Leaders at the management committee level were launched by the Schneider Electric CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire.
      The workshops act as a business case for change and include the assessment of current state of gender balance in our company, analysis of gender balance blocking factors and solid
      commitment to a concrete action plan.
      Over the last two years, these workshops have been cascaded through the Country and Business Board committees across the globe – almost 20 leadership teams with 300 leaders have attended these workshops. The cascading approach is still ongoing at mid-management level.
      Over the past 3 months, workshops have taken place in Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and Brazil

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    • Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion

      Schneider Electric Malaysia marks yet another major milestone in with the win of ‘Excellence in Employee Diversity & Inclusion Strategies’ at the HR Excellence Awards by HR Magazine on 17th September 2015.
      Schneider Electric Malaysia nabbed the Excellence in Employee Diversity & Inclusion Strategies award based on its continuous efforts to promote gender equality within the organization. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are an integral part of the organization’s culture. D&I principles are embedded in recruitment, education, development and empowerment of all employees. The organization has rolled out several programmes which include Go Green in the City competition for students that requires each team to have at least one female member, Women Empowerment, Gender Balance Training and HeForShe campaign under the Impact 10x10x10 initiative to support the business strategically through employee engagements in an effort to address women empowerment and participation at workplace.

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