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Energy management - PlantStruxure Essential

In today’s industrial landscape, many businesses are facing fundamental energy management challenges including:
• Enhancing business performance by meeting production schedules, emissions targets, and quality requirements, while also lowering costs
• Solve the total equation of human behaviour, processes, and technologies
• Optimize energy consumption while maximizing productivity
PlantStruxure combines data from process and power systems  to give you valuable new insights into your plant’s operations. This integration makes it easier to see and understand where in your process waste is occurring, so you can take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate it. Reducing waste will directly improve your bottom line.
Energy savings can be achieved at all levels in the PlantStruxure architecture.
  • At the field level, we integrate power and process devices in the same architecture to create an energy-aware infrastructure.
  • At the control level, we integrated process control and energy control to enable powerful functions such as grid level load control and production load modeling. We can forecast how much energy your plant should be using, which is how we detect inefficiencies and waste.
  • At the operations level, we integrate process and energy SCADA to create intelligent functions, such as an energy scheduler and multi-level demand response, possible.
Value Proposition
Proven approach
Energy Consulting Services help you to deliver energy savings through site energy audits and detailed analysis, as well as long-term recommendations and action planning.
Optimized architecture
EcoStruxure architectures are designed to optimize your plant with Schneider Electric and/or third party equipment. PlantStruxure, Schneider Electric’s process automation system, connects automation and control to energy monitoring to enable production and process energy optimization.
Based on business KPIs
Our system turns energy information into key performance indicators and helps you make decisions about energy use, supplier allocation and load shedding or shifting opportunities from a single point based on business KPIs.
Differentiation Factors
- PlantStruxure, Schneider Electric’s architecture, is a key building block of our comprehensive energy management portfolio, EcoStruxure, which gives us the unique capability to deliver an integrated architecture for both process management and energy management.
- PlantStruxure's automated Energy Management Libraries actively reduce energy consumption by removing energy waste at the source of overconsumption, making processes and energy more efficient.
- While the first step to reducing energy consumption per unit of production is diagnosis, it is not enough. To get results, industry customers need to invest in a long-term energy efficiency strategy to realize quantifiable gains yea-on-year.

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